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اوقات شرعی به افق تهران
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payments and votives


There are a variety of items in the list of votives reached the headquarters office. The certain part of the votives which are in cash shall be used for civil works in the shrines after being remitted into the bank account. Against the payment of the amount, the donator shall receive the slip of public votives collection relevant to the Headquarters of Reconstruction of Holy Shrines.

The non-cash part include certain classes: in case the votive of the donator include precious jewels, including gold and silver, then the metals shall be melted to be used in whitesmith works in constructing holy shrines, gates, and tiles of the tombs. The non-metal parts, if sellable, are sold and the amounts resulted from the same shall also be remitted to the bank account. Against the payment of such votives, the donator receives receipt, upon request.

However, in case the votives include certain items such as carpet, chandelier, constructional materials, industrial machinery, vehicles or even foodstuff ingredients, such as rice, cereals, etc. then due decision shall be made considering their transportation capabilities to Iraq. Such group of votives which may be transported shall be prepared and sent to the relevant holy shrines.

We recommend our dear patriots to proceed according to one of the following methods to donate their votives:

  1. Payment through account No. 110 before Melli, Saderat and Tejarat banks
  2. Account Nos. 112, 0108750875008 and ATM Card No. 6037991325230827 of Bank Melli Iran as well as account No. 4040 with Bank Tejarat, in favor of Headquarters of Reconstruction of Holy Shrines of Tehran province for the consumption of votives in completion of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) scene project in Najaf Ashraf city
  3. Account No. 0106773178005, Bank Melli
  4. Account No.32714648123 as well as account No. 111 - Resalat Bank
  5. Account no. 185004074 - Bank Tejarat
  6. Account No., 340036 - Bank Sepah
  7. Account No. 00101100110007 - Bank Saderat
  8. Account No. 1711711749 of Bank Mellat in favor of assisting in construction of holy shrine of Asgarien Imams
  9. Through MCI mobile phones, the subscribers may send an empty SMS to 888, (for Irancell, to 359), to receive the information on method of remitting cash donations to develop Alavi holy shrine.
  10. Through online payment portal, for which the link will soon be uploaded on this page
  11. Meanwhile, those people who are specialists in any major and wish to participate may contact this headquarters

Best Regards



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Being in touch with us via SMS
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