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اوقات شرعی به افق تهران
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Headquarters of Reconstruction of Holy Shrines at Glance


Iraqi Holy Shrines not only failed to be developed during a past century, but were also subject to destruction due to improper policies. After the collapse of Ba’ath regime, the possibility of pilgrimage travel for those loving the descendents of the holy prophet (peace be upon them), the Headquarters of Reconstruction of Holy Shrines and Supporting of Iraq was established in 2003 by taking benefit from the efforts of some of those loving the descendents of the holy prophet (peace be upon them), and specialists, trusted people and people involved in charity works as well as the guidelines of the Supreme Leader.



Type of activity of the headquarters is non-governmental, volunteering and non-for-profit, with international scope of works and unlimited term of activity as of the date of establishment. The head office is located in Tehran.


The subject-matter of activity of the headquarters includes reconstruction of holy shrines and religious places in Iraq and other countries and rendering scientific, cultural, educational, health, civil and humanistic activities.

The headquarters financial sources and assets are provided through accepting donations from governmental and non-governmental organizations and other charity people and those loving to assist in reconstruction of the holy shrines.



During its term of activity, this headquarters follows the following objectives:

  1. Reconstruction and development of holy shrines of Shiite Imams (peace be upon them) and handling the affairs of the religious places in Iraq and other countries
  2. Rendering humanistic services to Iraqi people and other countries, if needed and financial resources are available, with priority emphasized on Islamic countries


Methods and Duties:

The headquarters takes benefit from the following methods to achieve its objectives:

  1. Establishment of specialty, studies and research committees
  2. Establishment of sub headquarters in centers of provinces and other cities
  3. Establishment of sub headquarters in other countries
  4. Establishment of social and public groups units
  5. Establishment of reconstruction offices in holy shrines of Iraq
  6. Coordination with the Shiite clerics in Iran and Iraq
  7. Coordination with governmental and non-governmental organizations
  8. Coordination with the Iraqi government and endowment authorities and trustees of holy shrines and other social bodies


The duties and executive policies of the headquarters include the following:

  1. Collecting statistics and information and examining the technical and engineering requirements in Karbala, Najaf, Kazemeyn, Samera, Mosayeb and Koufeh
  2. Prioritizing the reconstruction projects of holy shrines and designing and implementing reconstruction projects based on short, middle and long term planning
  3. Collecting and guiding public votives and arranging charity people volunteered actions
  4. Performing civil, cultural, educational and health activities
  5. Rendering technical and servicing consultations to the trustees of the holy shrines and Iraqi authorities
  6. Rendering services and fulfillment of proper projects for the welfare of the pilgrims
  7. Using public capacities and volunteers equipment and facilities free of charge
  8. Using technical and expert services of the specialist on volunteered basis



The headquarters is composed of the following pillars:

  1. Board of founders or central council
  2. Head of headquarters
  3. Specialty deputyships
  4. Sub headquarters of provinces and cities
  5. Headquarters offices overseas
  6. Reconstruction offices established in holy shrines
  7. Specialty committees


Provincial and city headquarters:

In order to fulfill its duties and collecting the public donations, the headquarters has established sub headquarters in all the provinces and most of the cities which act as per the details of duties and instructions notified accordingly. These headquarters, if capable, may suggest the fulfillment of the independent projects or partnerships in bog projects and implement the same after approval of the head of headquarters and as per the notified projects. In all these headquarters, a board of trustees composed of esteemed Imam of Friday prayers and local trustees and authorities shall be established to support and supervise on their activities.


Holy shrines reconstruction offices

In order to perform expert studies and implementation of the reconstruction projects and supervision on civil and service works in each of holy shrines of Najaf, Karbala, Kazemeyn, and Samera, the headquarters has established reconstruction offices which act as coordinated with the trustees of the holy shrines.



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