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اوقات شرعی به افق تهران
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Najaf- Ashraf


  1. Completion of zero phase of design and development of holy shrine of Hazrat Ali (PBUH) and commencement of phases 1, 2, measuring 198,000 sq.m. in area
  2. Destruction and excavating scene of Hazrat Fatemeh (PBUH), with partnership of the board of trustees
  3. Constructing Heydari Hosseiniyeh in northeastern corner of Alavi shrine (measuring 12,00 sq.m. in 3 floors)
  4. Constructing water tank and engine house and relevant piping (cap: 2,000 CBM)
  5. Water piping from tank to the shrine and its surroundings (2,000 m)
  6. Renovation and installing tomb grave (casing of Alavi tomb with 820 parts in amalgam method)
  7. Lighting around holy shrine (13 light towers each with 24 projectors, each with a height of 30m)  and light tower of Sahleh Mosque
  8. Changing the stone and external façade of holy shrine
  9. Roofed rest area of pilgrims (2400 sq.m. in area)
  10. Changing the stone of Najaf veranda and stone of floor and wall inside Alavi shrine
  11. Lightening, insulating and repairing roof of shrine and portals connected to the same
  12. Strengthening and renovating external wall of holy shrine
  13. Supplying marble stone of the mosque above the head of Hazrat Ali (PBUH)
  14. Constructing kitchen to host pilgrims (guesthouse of Imam Ali (PBUH))
  15. Constructing kitchen and canteen to be used for shrine employees and servants
  16. Equipping Alavi shrine library and training different courses on book restoration
  17. Purchasing, installing and commissioning concrete batching together with the required machinery to supply the concrete for Hazrat Fatemeh (PBUH) scene project
  18. Supplying required construction machinery (loader, excavator, truck, trailer, tractor, etc.)
  19. Commissioning carpet washing and repairing workshop  (purchasing equipment, transportation and launching)
  20. Constructing greenhouse (flower growing- 21x50 m)
  21. Constructing Saghakhaneh (4 saghakhanehs)
  22. Constructing 2 lavatories around holy shrine (200 water closets)
  23. Supplying and installing CCTV inside and outside holy shrine
  24. Constructing 8 gold gates
  25. Constructing and installing 5 chandeliers in Hazrat Ali (PBUH) holy shrine
  26. Commencement of renovating gold bricks of Najaf veranda in amalgam method
  27. Implementation of diaphoretic tiles of Najaf veranda gates
  28. Strengthening the wall and floor of shrine and stone works of floor and plinth of Hazrat Moslem (PBUH) shrine- Koufeh
  29. Designing and constructing shrine of Hazrat Moslem (PBUH) - Koufeh (under construction)
  30. Supplying police inspection stops stands
  31. Imam Ali (PBUH) 120-bed hospital



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Visual report of “holiness Zeynab(PBUH) Scene projet” by Astane Ghodse Hosseyni

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