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اوقات شرعی به افق تهران
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Cradle of Love- part 1
Iraq, how mysterious this land and name is for us! In historical books, it is known as "Cradle of Civilization" and has wonderful stories.


Peace Be Upon You, Oh Aba Abdillah!

Cradle of Love

First Act

First Sequence: Histoisry of Iraq

Iraq, how mysterious this land and name is for us!

In historical books, it is known as "Cradle of Civilization" and has wonderful stories.

This land was once the host of the first civilization ever, the Sumerians.

And has spent a period with great kingdoms of the world, from the Achaemenids and Sassanids to the Greeks and Romans. And Baghdad was once the capital city of the Abbasids.

In Abbasid era, Baghdad was one of the most important cities in the Islamic world for nearly 500 years, and then was ruined by the Mongols.

The Ottomans were greedy for this place and occupied it, and later the British did so.

Violent Ba'athists scratched its body, and the Americans, with their black history of occupation and crimes, did not leave it untouched.

And these days, they have made a monster called Daesh (ISIS) to destroy it.

But all the things I said is the history of Iraq from a special perspective. This perspective is the same one which has written all the history for us, and never lets us understand some things well.

Beside this struggling history, Iraq has another history too.


Second Sequence: The history of the Complete Human

Kings and rulers were not the only ones who were influential here, many Prophets and Imams were born, lived or died in this land too.

From Adam and Noah who are buried here, to Abraham and Moses and Solomon who came to this land, or Jesus Christ, who some say, was born here.

In the time of the Prophet Muhammad and after him, the role of this land was outstanding too.

Imam Ali (as) chose Kufa as the center of government and was finally martyred here ...

Kufa is a wonderful place, both its past and its future.

The place which was once the gathering place of all revolutionaries and people of jihad, and those whom imam Ali (as) called “Pioneers of Ansar” and “Chiefs of Arab”

But some day, some of them became the ones who caused the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (as), and once again, Kufa will become the center of the government of the righteous.

In the last days of government and life of Imam Ali (as), the situation of Iraq and Kufa was so critical that he made a will to his children to bury him at night so that his grave would be hidden; Just like the grave of Fatimah Zahra (as), Imam Ali's grave stayed hidden for 100 years and was discovered after the fall of the Bani Umayyah.

Somewhere around Kufa, next to the Wadi al-Islam cemetery, near the Adam’s and Noah’s graves, there is a place which is today called Najaf.  

Even after Najaf, this place witnessed strange events from the epic of Ashura to the heartbreaking events of Kā�"imayn and Samarra.


it will be continued...

Keywords: Cradle of Love - history - karbala - najaf

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