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اوقات شرعی به افق تهران
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Cradle of Love- part 5
Iraq, how mysterious is this land and name for us. In history books it is known as “cradle of civilization”. The history of Iraq has always been written by the kings and all of the history of this land has been written with this perspective. However, Iraq has another history too which makes another story for this land.

Cradle of Love- part 5


But the issue of the development of the shrine in Karbala differs from anywhere else.

Long ago, experts noticed two major problems in the shrine of Imam Hussein (as).

First, because of the constructions around the shrine, the visibility of Imam Hussein's dome, which is an important symbol of expression of love and affection for Imam, is severely restricted.

The other problem is the limited space around Imam Hussein's zarih and below the dome. Because the area below the dome is very important and in the narrations it is emphasized that in this area, all of the prayers are answered.

But because of 4 huge pillars, each of which are six meters wide and bear all of the weight of the dome, widening the space around the zarih is very hard and dangerous. The team of the organization was worried that this dome, which is a historical and spiritual heritage, would be damaged in this project.

Especially in the conditions where the groundwater level in Karbala is high and makes it difficult to work.

The technical and engineering team of the organization began to explore various designs.

Finally, the plan to reduce the size of the pillars around the zarih is approved.

In this project, 60% of the diameter of each pillar will be reduced and the freed space will be added to the area around the zarih and below the dome. The thinned pillars have a higher strength to make the important operation of raising the dome and increasing the visibility of the dome possible.

In conditions where it is not possible to close the shrine, and pilgrims constantly come and go, more than 75% of the project has been completed so far, in other words, 3 pillars are replaced, and the rest of the work is under construction.

When this is finished, the operation of heightening the dome will begin.

The new dome is going to be quickly mounted, about 7 meters higher the previous dome, so that it can be seen from 200 meters away.

But the problem of lack of space in the shrine still remains.

The size of the shrine of Imam Hussein (as) and the shrine of Hazrat Abbas (as) is not proportional to the large number of pilgrims, especially in days such as and Arafah.

Accordingly, the Reconstruction Organization of the Shrines started the Comprehensive Plan for the Development of the Shrine.

The first part of the project, which is absolutely essential, is building a 160,000-meter courtyard around the shrine, a courtyard which be built between the “Tenting Ground”, “The Hill of Zaynab” and the holy shrine of Imam Hussein (as).

it will be continued...


Keywords: Imam Hussein (as) - Cradle of Love - Development - The Hill of Zaynab

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