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اوقات شرعی به افق تهران
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Special concrete injection in the foundation of ‘IMAMEYN Al JAVADEYN” holy shrine minaret which was tilted
Chief of “HOROSH” pointing the progress of strengthening plan for minaret of ‘IMAMEYN AL JAVADEYN ‘(PBUT) holy shrine, said: “Iranian technicians are being involving in injecting a special concrete to the foundation of this minaret”.

According to the report of ‘HOROSH’ public affairs unit’ Polarak added:” due to comming up underground water during years and subsiding the ground, one of its 4 minaret has been tilted”.

He stated that we use an updated technology and knowledge to save this minaret. “after exact calculation, Iranian engineers are involving in piercing holes around the minaret to inject a special concrete” he added.

“with the injection of this special concrete, its foundation will be stabilized and fixed, so that it will be ready for the next stage of strenghtening”, he continued.

According to his statement, after this stage of stabilization, the work of strenghtening of minaret itself will be start, with a covering structure.

He notified: ” the Trustee shrine of ‘IMAMEYN JAVADEYN’ (PBUT) was seeking for an expert group to stabilize this minaret and carrying out this project. They ask “HOROSH” to execute this complecated project, after they observe the skill of Iranian engineerings in strenghtening and thining the pillars of holy shrine of ‘IMAM HOSSEYN’ (PBUH).



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