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اوقات شرعی به افق تهران
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Removing loneliness from Samerra
Samerra is one the main pilgrimage cities of Iraq such that there was no way for pilgrimage holy shrine of Imameyn-Asakareen(PBUT) due to penetration of ISI to the region and lack of security. Furtheremore, because of the Islam hostiles the dome and the Scene were in a bad situation

In the year 1384, this holy shrine were destroyed to some extent in the first attack. The intensity of the explosion caused the dome’s brick-paved and its gold work and the tiling-work inside to collapse and parts were thrown 500 meters away, but the pillars of the dome and walls were immune.

The secon explosion happened in 1386. Invaders after shootout with security guars of the holy shrine, set bombs which destroyesd left and right minarets of the shrine in two explosions.

After ISI establishment in the year 1393, they had agression the shrine for the third time. However with the resistance of the people they couldn not penetrate inside, but their bullets impacts are still remained everywhere.

After these invasions and attacks HOROSH Tooke actions and started rebuilding this holy shrine.

In the following we read an interview with Mr. Abbas Ghot-al-Dini, chief of HOROSH of Samerra about Iran’s actions in holy shrine of Imameyn-askareen(PBUT):

What are the actions of HOROSH of Samerra after establishment and in the  outset of activity?

This shrine with 1200 square meters area is the biggest shrine among Atabat. In the summer of 1391 It was paved with 23,000 golden bricks.

Afterwards, the shrine itself and tomb boxes, and shrine’s gates were rebuilt and repaired by Iranian technicians and craftsmen.

What plans are being done in the shrine of Imameyn-Askareeyn(PBUT)?

One of the plans of the HOROSH of Samerra in there is to paving “Bab-ol-Gheybe” with 2500 square meters area, which has an important role in this job.

Also we have official building of HOROSH of Samerra , escalators for restrooms, a factory for water purification, repairing the minarets of the shrine, installing holy cellar, paving Bab-ol-Gheble, in plan.

When did paving-work of Bab-ol-Gheble, evolved to the HOROSH?

It was evolved to Iran on 18th Khordad (8th of june,2018) in a session with trustees and custodians of the holy shrine.

In what extent it has been progressed?

The project of paving bab-ol-gheybe has %98 progress in two months.

The other project is building an official building, how does this progress?

It has progressed about %70 by now.

How do The repair-work of inscription and verands of this part progress?

For bab-ol-Gheble, the golden bricks and Ghoran inscriptions are in the prodution phase and holy inscriptions around the shrine are being installed.

How many inscriptions have benn installed by now?

2 of 12 inscriptions have been installed and the others will be insatalled gradually after inspections and repairing.

Bab-ol-Gheble is one of the main parts of the shirne,it was supposed to be paved in the late last year. Is anything done in association with this?

It has 1700 square meters area which is ceded to HOROSH of Samerra after the foundation-work by trustees of the shrine.

How long does it take to pave Bab-ol-Gheble?

The cocret-work will be done before Arbaeen and the paving work will be on top priority after Arbaeen.


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