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اوقات شرعی به افق تهران
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Recommendations for establishing Mookeb
Feeding should be like a snack/Do not consider Arbaeen ceremony as a recreation ceremony instead of religion/Mookeb is not motel (By Hojat-ol-Eslam Panahian)

Hojat-ol-Eslam Panahian, a religious preacher, in a gathering named “Mookeb and life style” remarked bellow points:

-We have recieved recommendations from Ahle-Beit(PBUT) about the excellence of walking for pilgrimage Aemeh(PBUT) tombs.

-Aemeh(PBUT) would go on Hajj regularly, such that Imam Zey-ol-Abedin(PBUH) have gone on Haj 30 times on foot during his life.

-Do not use fatty and sweat foods while you are on Arabeen walking cermony

-Ayat-ol-allah Sistani said that Arbaeen Walking ceremony does not belong anyone even Houzeh(a place where mullahs are instructed).

-People who experience Arbaeen could not abandon it

-You expect to walk along with Hazrat Hojat(PBUH) such that there is no other place to experience such joy.

-Human thought will be exceeded during Arbaeen walking ceremony and will be ready for absorbing new religious instructions

-The place of preaching and morning should not be far away from walking pathway

-Arbaeen walking ceremony will be done at nights so Husseyniehs(a place where piligrims morn) should not change into the motels.


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