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اوقات شرعی به افق تهران
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The beginning of official dispatching pilgrims to Syria/The kitchen of holiness Zeynab Scene is activated


Hassan Polarak talking to IKNA about the latest condition of holy shrines in Syria said: “In recent years, the holy shrine of holiness Zeynab(PBUH) has been damaged with mortar shooting by excommunication groups.

“An inn as well as a modern kitchen is built adjacent to the holy shrine of Zeynab(PBUH) in recent months which will be inaugurated soon” he added.

This kitchen is activated already such that Mookebs , in turn, would cook foods and deliver them to pilgrims during Arbaeen.

One of the plans is that to cover(roofing) the current Scene and adding it to the middle aisle which is sufficient for hosting pilgrims for 20 years later.The latest project of this holy shrine is to reconstruction of holy shrine of Roghaye(PBU) .

He added that there are more holy places in Syria which we do not intend to reconstruct them by now. But we will decide about them in the next trips.

Polarak in response to the question asking when the dispatching of pilgrims would start, said that it has been started already by one of travel agencies called “Youtab Ghasht” according to rules and regulations. It sends the pilgrims by plane and offers reasonable services such as , accommodation, hotel, security escort , ....

It should be mentioned that Chief of HOROSH had traveled to Syria right after finishing ‘Arbaeen walking rite’ and he visited holy shrines in there.


Keywords: Pelarak - Syria - holy shrine of holiness Zeynab(PBUH) - IKNA - kitchen

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Visual report of “holiness Zeynab(PBUH) Scene projet” by Astane Ghodse Hosseyni

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