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اوقات شرعی به افق تهران
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- Text size: + -  Number: 3293Sat, 06th Jul 2019 - 10:19
The new dome of the shrine of Hosseyni stands for the ability of Iranian engineers
The under-construction dome of Imam Hussein's Holy Shrine in Kerman is in final phase, and in the near future it will be transferred from Kerman to Karbala and will be placed on the current dome.

Abdolhamid Jafari, a consultant and designer of the dome-bricks, during the visit of broadcasting, provincial managers of the national TV(IRIB) from new shrine of Imam Hussein(PBUH) in kerman, added: The current structure of the dome is really on the wings of the angels because there were gaps in which the fist went inside and with a shake there could be a disaster.

The designer from other countries had come to design this dome, but nobody dared do it, but the Kerman Technical and Engineering team took a great risk by accepting this project.

He added that the discussion of the selection of applied materials and design system that holds the previous structure firmly without compromising the architectural properties of several hundred years has been put on the agenda.

Jafari, stating that the beauty of Iranian architecture is superior to the mystical look in it, said: "The new structure is one of the best examples of Iranian engineering ability, which increases the height 7.5 meters and, according to Ayatollah Sistani, should not be taller than minarets.

He acknowledged that the new structure will have a lightweight, open, close and resilient structure for up to 300-400 years, and with this plan for the first time we have been developing industrialization in the building industry, we have native technical knowledge in this field.

Jafari said: “Every pieces were galvanized and the best we could do to serve Imam Hussein (PBUH)."

He stated that we had designed a brick that has not the mortar behind because it increased the weight of the structure; he said: 23 items were considered as effective factors in the selection of 12 teams, which did not respond, eventually inspired by God, An unprecedented and invincible plan was presented.

Ja'fari mentioned the divine helps and Imam Hussein(PBUH) attentions  in this project and said: "In addition to mechanical accuracy, we also achieved a good speed, and with the force of people, this line began without reverse engineering, starting from zero and turning the project into a local plan.

He stated: "We designed a software that does not distort any more bricks to the top with an over-engineering factor."

In this visit, the successor of HOROSH of Kerman cited that the team consultants of this project were chosen from among the best people in every aspect, said that the place of execution of the project, even though several land was being tracked, eventually moved to the current site of the ascension The martyrs of Kerman have come to the conclusion that this is all Allah’s mercies.


Rahimi pointed out that those who work here with the slogan of “Ya Hussein” are mostly the same guys of the 41 division (Sarallah) and the warriors of that era, and thus the project is being built by the same religious people.


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Visual report of “holiness Zeynab(PBUH) Scene projet” by Astane Ghodse Hosseyni

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