The restored minaret of the holy shrine of Alavi was unveiled + Images and Videos

Southern minaret of the porch of Najaf was unveiled after repairing and reconstruction by Iranian artists and craftsmen, on Sunday the 25th of August, in a ceremony attended by the head of the HOROSH staff, the chief of “Shia Court of Waqhf of Iraq” and a large number of pilgrims and donors of Imam Ali shrine.

Continue to rebuild the Atabat(Holy Shrines) without halt even for a day

The deputy of culture and public partnerships of HOROSH pointed out the efforts of enemies to cause disunion among Iraq and Iran said: "Despite the conditions in Iraq, plans are under way to rebuild the shrines without delay even for a day."

The interior of the shrine of Imam Hussein(PBUH) is expected to be one and a half times larger in the next year’s summer

The second phase of connecting cellars of Imam Hussein(PBUH) holy shrine has been started and will be one and a half larger with the completion of the available space to the pilgrims by the next summer.

Operation of the holiness Zahra (PBUH) Scene will be completed by the end of the year

Vice President of HOROSH said the biggest implementing project isholiness Zahra (PBUH) courtyard(Scene) which has completed its pilgrimage section. Also, non-pilgrimage section will be completed by the end of the year.
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