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Publish Date: 22 May 2021

The program of Arbaeen Mookebs for Arbaeen walk in 2021 was announced + film

The program of Arbaeen Mookebs(special tent for pilgrims to rest and eat food and use services for free) for Arbaeen walk in 2021 was announced 

Iranian and Iraqi officials have not yet made a final decision on how to hold this year’s Arbaeen ceremony.

Due to outbreak of Corona Virus, this year’s Arbaeen is different from previous years.

The first possibility is that the ceremony might be held the same as previous years without health restrictions and the second possibility is that the ceremony will be held in accordance with health protocols.

Iran and Iraq tend to hold Arbaeen as glorious as possible but it depends on the conditions of the Corona Virus.

With the permission of the relevant authorities to hold the Arbaeen ceremony without restrictions, Iranian Mookebs will be located in specified areas in the distance between Najaf and Karbala and in pilgrimage cities in Iraq in order to operate at full capacity in accordance with health protocols

If the conditions of the Corona virus do not let us to hold the ceremony without restrictions and make us to constrain the number of Mookebs and pilgrims, 500 large and vast Mookebs will be selected from more than 1000 Mookebs to serve pilgrims of Imam Hussein and to help Iraqi officials.

تعداد بازدید : 275

Emphasizing the need to vaccinate all the servants of Arbaeen Mookebs before dispatch, Reconstruction Organization is consulting with the officials of the Ministry of Health of Iran and Iraq to resolve concerns and take necessary blood tests.Mookebs are a successful example of non-governmental organizations. Providing services for Arbaeen pilgrims and helping compatriots in critical situations such as earthquakes and floods are two missions of Mookebs.  




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