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Publish Date: 27 November 2019

Reconstruction of Safavid mosque which is located on the north side of the holy shrine of Imammain Al Javadain

Safavid Mosque is one of the old mosques of Kazemin which is located near the courtyard of two holy Imams. The mosque was founded by Shah Ismail Safavid(Iranaian ancient king of the Safavid dynasty).

This mosque, after four centuries, is still strong and stable and shows the beauty and toughness of Safavid architecture.

The Safavid mosque is in the middle of the north side and is connected to the porch with three doors. The pulpit inside the mosque is also one of the masterpieces of the Safavid era.

The mosque was used as a warehouse during Saddam's time, but its floor was being demolished due to the blockage of damp vents.

The mosque was restored to its original form, which lasted nearly two years.The walls of the mosque are made of beautiful and unique bricklaying, and the art of mirror work(Āina-kāri) is used on its roof.

Orange marble has been used to decorate the bottom of the walls and columns of the mosque.

 Demolition and reinforcement of the old body stone was done along with installation of air conditioning duct and reinforcement of the floor stone.

Pavement of porches in two parts: 260 square meters of body and 350 square meters of entrance floor of porches to the mosque

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